Designed by Wesley Taylor

"...the map of the new world is in the imagination..." -Robin D.G. Kelley, Freedom Dreams



Afrotopia is a digital maroon society whose main purpose is to serve and protect Black bodies by creating a refuge, a safe place to explore sustainable futures of prosperity.  AFROTOPIA is the site of active engagement with the creation of Black futures. By collectively creating decolonized futures, we are able to visually experience those spaces of liberation and create pathways to manifestation. Because the application is a space centered on the question, “What does a safe place for Black bodies to thrive in look, act and feel like?” we hope this will prompt people to exhaust possibilities and have the opportunity to see if it works. We believe that the challenge of thinking outside of the box will help shift the consciousness necessary to manifest decolonized futures, the ultimate goal of AFROTOPIA.


We currently live in a world that fears the Black body. For the past six years AFROTOPIA has been working to dismantle this fear that causes oppression and death. We cultivate a new relationship to the Black body using the cultural movement Afrofuturism. AFROTOPIA is founded on the belief that what is healthy and beneficial for the Black body is then beneficial for all bodies. Creating imaginative and effective solutions to address social challenges by fusing elements of science fiction, magical realism, ancient history, and non-western cosmologies, AFROTOPIA serves as an invitation to actively create a more efficient, inclusive and sustainable tomorrow. We control our destiny.


AFROTOPIA is a platform for solutions where afroglobal solutionaries come together to experiment and exchange ideas. Our goal is to strengthen the afroglobal network while expanding the imagination. We want AFROTOPIA to serve as a problem-solving mechanism.

At the center of AFROTOPIA is the experimentation of technology to emancipate the Black body and create alternative destinies. Through the visual language of science fiction, fantasy, magical realism and horror we are able to ignite the imagination, challenge our perspectives and develop new ones that push past boundaries set forth by white supremacist and patriarchal institutions.