The AFROTOPIA Archive curated by Ingrid LaFleur


The AFROTOPIA Archive is a collection of items  that would fall under the category or associated with Afrofuturism. Curated by Ingrid LaFleur, the archive includes the AfroSureal Manifesto by D. Scot Miller created for the exhibition Marvelous Freedom: Vigilance of Desire, Revisited curated by Alexandra Eregbu at Columbia College; dvd's of the Black Panther episodes first aired on BET; the sci-fi novel, The Brother's Jetstream by Detroit-based writer Zig Zag Claybourne; and a collection of poetry and prose, Sun Ra: The Immeasurable Equation compiled and edited by James L. Wolf and Hartmut Geerken.

Books were donated from fellow Afrotopians and the curators own library. The archive will expand to include other media once AFROTOPIA find a permenant home. At the moment the archive is held at the Jar House. The Jar House is a project of Power House Productions and located in Banglatown, Detroit. 

The AFROTOPIA Archive is currently closed to the public until renovations on the Jar House are completed. Until then, AFROTOPIA Book Club meetings take place at the archive. Please check our events calendar for the next book club meeting.