Detroit + Afrofuturism = AFROTOPIA

AFROTOPIA uses the theories and aesthetic of the arts movement Afrofuturism as a vehicle for psychosocial healing in Detroit and beyond. Afrofuturism is an international multi-disciplinary cultural aesthetic that discusses the Black experience, identity, and history using speculative modalities such as magical realism, fantasy, science fiction and surrealism. Afrofuturists incorporate ancient history, African mythology, technology, biology, genetics, African cosmologies, spirit science within their work.

AFROTOPIA is a multifaceted project that includes:

  • Arts education for youth and adults
  • Film series
  • Sigi Fest, performance art festival
  • DJ-in-residence program
  • an archive of Afrofuturist cultural production

The ultimate goal of AFROTOPIA is to shift the perspective of Detroit into one that imagines the indefinite possibilities for prosperous growth stimulated by the cultural legacy of innovation and experimentation within the African diaspora. 

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