Sigi Fest Detroit

Transcend into the cosmos with AFROTOPIA. For two days we celebrate the helical rise of the star Sigi Tolo aka Sirius. It is believed during this time the vortex from the Source opens up and floods our universe with her light. It is our intention that we harness this energy for Detroit through Sigi Fst.

The Dogon of Mali in West Africa have a 700 year old cosmology based on the star system Sirius, or Sigi Tolo in Dogon. Sirius, consists of Sirius A, Sirius B and Sirius C. Every fifty years the white dwarf star Sirius B rotates around its companion star Sirius A. The pattern looks like a DNA strand. Sirius A is thought of as being the brightest star in the night sky, the deep beginning and the center of our universe. The helical rise of the star Sirius is seen briefly above the eastern horizon just before sunrise.

The festival takes place in southwest Detroit at the performance art space House Opera l Opera House. Sigi Fest is a time to heal and celebrate using spirit science, art, music and performance. 


Sigi Fest 2015 Schedule

Friday, July 24
4:00 pm
Reading: Earthseed: Book of the Living by Octavia Butler

5:00 pm
AFROTOPIA Book Club--Dhalgren by Samuel R. Delany

5:30 pm
RS/24, a one act play by Cowealtha Clayton

7:30 pm
Performance: The Cotton Project-Midnight by Monstah Black

Saturday, July 25
10:00 am
Reading: writings and quotes by Sun Ra

11:00 am
Qigong with Emily Rogers, Vivacious Living Now
Free Market of Detroit: Sigi Swap

12 pm
Guided Meditation & Spirit Dance with Makeeba Ellington, The Abstract Oracle

2:00 pm
Boundless Street Art activity by canvasXdetroit
3010: futurist baseball card game with Herman Jenkins
Wise Women Circle: An Exchange of Magic and Mystery
Spirit Play: Myth Making Workshop for youth & adults

4:00 pm
Motor City Rep Rap: 3-D Printer Making w/Onyx Ashanti

5:00 pm
Sonic Fractal Matrix

The Sirius Meditation

6:00 pm
Onyx Ashanti Performance

7:00 pm
21stCenturyHipHop: Bryce Detroit, Will SE and Sacramento Knoxx

8:00 pm
Bambuti Dance Group featuring Efe

AFROTOPIA dance party w/ DJ Heru

Live painting by Loganic
Reiki by Corina Fadel

GO Smoothies
Two Dollar Tacos
Supreme Being: Precious Mineral Tonic
AFROTOPIA Pop-up Shop and more...

***Schedule is subject to change. Please follow us on Facebook for schedule updates and additional information about the Festival.